San Francisco Pacific Academy prepares students through a bilingual integrated curriculum with a strong emphasis in Math. Russian and English speaking teachers cooperatively teach each grade level to meet school and state guidelines. Science, Computer class, art, music and physical activities are systematically integrated into learning activities.

In grades Kindergarten through grade 4, students spend about half of their day learning in Russian and another half in English. Skills in both languages are taught and reinforced as part of instructional units.Beginning in grade 5, Russian class is offered once a day, 5 days a week.

Most of the children accepted into our programs should function well within this complex system. If your child is adaptable, confident and comfortable with change, he or she will probably respond well to the challenges of our programs. If there is a problem, teachers will want to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss the difficulty and to plan strategies for dealing with it. If you observe a difficulty at home you should share your observation with the classroom teacher. Sometimes a child should receive special support or counseling. Teachers may suggest that children receive such academic support or counseling either during or after school hours. When the classroom teacher observes the child struggling in a particular subject over an extended period of time, the school may recommend that the child receive professional support or counseling outside of school hours. Classroom teachers are available for paid, private tutoring. Otherwise, parents should make financial arrangements for services outside of school hours, including professional testing, counseling and tutoring directly with the individuals concerned.



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