Walking through the doors of the San Francisco Pacific Academy is an experience like no other. In addition to the contemporary interior design of the newly renovated and updated building, vibrant energy in the air, keen hopes and admirations fill every classroom in a desire to learn and the aspiration to dream farand beyond. 

As the Head of School, this remarkable feeling overwhelms me everyday, and this is why our team of teachers at the San Francisco Pacific Academy continues to stay so devoted to our vision and philosophy. 

Having obtained a Master’s Degree in Specialized Education along with a solid teaching and professional background, nothing in my career has been as rewarding as the smiles radiating on our students’ faces: when they strive a little more towards their goals, push themselves a little harder, go that extra mile, and finally, obtain the satisfaction that they have accomplished something extraordinary

Our faculty and staff are committed to our students and our friendlypositive and motivational environment makes it possible for our students to express themselves without a reservation. 

The joy our students glow with is very cheerful: high-spirits fill our classrooms every day along with academic and personal achievements

Instilling fundamental values of kindnesshonesty and gratitude as our core essence, we cherish our students and they in return give back these qualities in the classroom, at home and in the community. 

As part of this truly unique and exceptional environment, from OUR family to YOURS, we invite you to come experience the respect, honor and appreciation we so proudly share with the students of the San Francisco Pacific Academy.


Olga Kasyanova


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