Hollywood Film Academy

The Teacher: MARC BECKER
Marc is the principal of Marc Becker Photography.The Cable Public Television series for children – “Kids Connect” produced and directed by Marc Becker taught kids aged 8 to 12 how to create and produce television shows about neighborhood issues. A New York University School of the Arts education in photography and video production led him to work in public and commercial television as a writer, producer and director. As an National Association of Educational Broadcasters award winning media professional he opened his own studio producing video and photography for television and private production companies.

The Course:
The “Hollywood Film Academy” will offer students an exciting opportunity to create videos, use new media technology, work in teams, be creative, exercise discipline, and learn how constructive criticism plays an important role in a group activity while still having fun. We will set up the classroom like it is a Hollywood Movie Studio. The students will go to Hollywood Film Academy where they will learn the basics of making a movie. Later they will judge the movies we make and set the criteria to win an Academy Award. Lastly, we will hold an Academy Awards Ceremony where students will receive awards for their various participation in the productions they created. This is a 9 class session designed for middle school students only.

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