Loaded with information about school rules, protocols, and general school information the Parent/Student Handbook is a valuable tool. Every student and parent must acknowledge that they have read the handbook prior to the start of school.


Many schools have an association of parents; some are more active than others. At San Francisco Pacific Academy, the Parents’ Association is dedicated to fostering greater communication, offering opportunities for parents to meet one another, and supporting the efforts of faculty, staff and administration to make SFPA a positive learning environment for each of our children.

We cordially invite you to become involved with the group whether you live nearby or on another continent! Every parent is automatically a member of the Parent Association. The Parent Association invites parents to become involved in an open and connected community that embodies the school philosophy. All parents are encouraged to choose ways to participate that correspond to their interests and availability, and are in concert with the needs and goals of the School.

The effectiveness of the Parent Association is directly proportionate to the involvement of every parent. The close working relationship of administration and faculty with the Parent Association is a unique strength that unites students, parents, and the School in a bond that enhances all three.

All parents are encouraged to engage in the life of our school through a variety of opportunities, including:

  • as volunteers, working hands-on to help coordinate events and activities
  • as participants in educational programs such as parent education evenings, back-to-school nights and grade level coffees
  • purely social activities such as dinners, barbeques, picnics and potlucks

Whether a parent bakes cookies for an event, participates on a committee, or serves as president for an entire year, all levels of volunteerism are appreciated at SFPA!

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