SFPA Middle School Curriculum by Grade

Grade Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Mathematics Math 1
(Math 2)
Algebra 1
Algebra 1/
Algebra 2
Introduction to Geometry
Physics Intro to Physics

Heat & Energy:
Electricity & Magnetism
Chemistry General Chemistry 1 General Chemistry 2 General Chemistry 3
Biology Ecology Zoology ,Genetics, Botany, Evolution of Life  
Earth & Space Science Intro to Earth & Space Science, Geology Earth & Space Science  
World Geography World Geography
Africa, Asia, Europe
World Geography
Oceania, South America , Australia, Antarctica.
Global Environment
World & American History Systematic study of World History from Pre-historic people and ancient civilizations, through the Middle Ages, to Modern times, with U.S. History included.
Ancient civilizations to Rome
Medieval History

U.S. history 1600-1900
Foreign Language
Currently, Russian. Possible future offerings may include Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew.

English Language Arts Vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, creative writing, editing, rhetoric.
Latin & Greek components: roots, prefixes, affixes. Using of Cornell Note-taking format; Modern Language Association style research paper standards.
World Literature World literature written about or written during each historic period encountered in other courses.
Literature of ancient civilizations; Myths Homer, Sophocles Literature of Greece and Rome Literature of Middle Ages; Chaucer; the Renaissance
Fine Arts & Art History Study of the fine arts, including music and painting. History of World Arts corresponding to each historic period.
Art of ancient civilizations Arts of Greece and Rome Art of Middle Ages
Computer Science Computer Literacy,
Introduction to Internet,
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Basics of Computer Architecture, Engineering design process Internet programming, Data Storage and Manipulation in Computer, Engineering Design
Health   Sexuality Education,
Preventing Substance Abuse
Sexuality Education,
Preventing Substance Abuse
Physical Education Various indoor & outdoor physical activities and field trips.
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