Our school had first opened its doors in 2002 as the Russian-American International School. A family of Europeans shared a compelling vision – to create a school with a bilingual, multicultural curriculum and to provide students with the necessary tools to learn in a dynamic environment. Hence, such a vision exemplified utmost quality and excellence: preparing children for life in an increasingly interconnected world, where the fundamental values of the classic European disciplinary techniques would be implemented.That vision was executed when the founder and head of the school collaborated with the Board of Directors to establish such a setting.

In 2002 the Russian-American International School began teaching five students in a tiny classroom. The school has since grown from two classes (3 students in Kindergarten and 2 students in grade 1) to a fully utilized, busy, energetic and active K-8 school. What began as a bold experiment turned into a virtual success!

Our students have ranked amongst the highest in the CTP4 standardized tests and are nationally recognized for their great achievements.

Today the San Francisco Pacific Academy is the only full-time private school in California enforcing a dual curriculum in Russian and English.

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