CTP4 Tests

Beginning in 3rd grade, SFPA administers a standardized achievement test called Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP4). The test is designed specifically for high-achieving schools and schools wishing to set high standards, therefore is used by the nation’s most rigorous academic schools.

We are extremely proud to compare outstanding test results of our students who are among the top score takers, ranking among the top 1% nationwide in math, and the top 10% nationwide in all areas. The results are even more impressive if it is kept in mind that most of students who start SFPA in Kindergarten, have very little or no command of English at all.

Below are the latest CTP4 results of the youngest group (3rd grade) and oldest group ( 7th grade). SFPA students’ results are bright blue color. Dark blue – public schools, yellow- private schools.




In 8th grade SFPA students take SSAT test, which is a standardized test used by high school admission officers to assess the abilities of students seeking to enroll in an independent high school. After 8 years of instruction at SFPA, all students scored between 2054 and 2388 out of a possible 2400 points enabling them to be admitted to the premier private and public schools of the Bay Area.

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