California Young Scholars Nomination

California Young Scholars Program honors students in grades 3-8 who excel in the classroom, in the community, as leaders in extra-curricular or other outside interests, as well as on the athletic fields and courts. The program allows students the opportunity to receive positive affirmation for what is so important at this age: a willingness and excitement to learn, a desire to be involved, and an enthusiasm towards community service and activities. 

Several students of our school have been nominated by the teachers to receive the award. We can’t be more proud of our students!

The National Young Scholars Program Nomination

For several years now, some of out middle school students have been nominated to The National Young Scholars Program (NYSP).

The National Young Scholars Program is specifically designed and created for students with a history of academic achievement, who even at their young age, have demonstrated a high degree of leadership potential. 

Each nominee must be personally selected for nomination by a teacher, which ensures that only the most outstanding and deserving individuals attend NYSP. 
The National Young Scholars Program accepts only the most mature and independent individuals. Attendees are all outstanding students representing a variety of backgrounds and possessing a broad range of interests and goals, and each contributes to the special strength and character of the Program.

Congratulations to our outstanding students! Great job!

Global Talent Search Nomination

For the last four years our school is a part of the The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth program called Global Talent Search. 

This program is open to students in grades 2-8 who show great academic promise based on test scores and achievement in school. It is the most comprehensive program for academically advanced students worldwide. 

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth extends our school’s commitment to helping our academically talented students by providing a different type of academic assessment, plus special courses for qualifying students.

We wish our nominees the best of luck on their special tests that asses their math and verbal/reading talents!

Our School Ranks in Top 1% in National Math Test

For the sixth year our school ranked among the top 1 percent in Math test of more than 1,700 public and private schools administering Comprehensive Testing Program 4 assessments.

What's more, our students scored in the top 3 percent nationally in all six achievement areas tested, including verbal ability, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing mechanics, quantitative ability and mathematics. 

As a private institution, San Francisco Pacific Academy is not required to administer California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) test.  Instead, the school chooses to administer the CTP4, developed by the Educational Records Bureau, as it allows for comparisons with other independent schools, as well as suburban public schools -- which tend to perform better on standardized tests than urban public counterparts -- across the country. 

Another reason is the test's focus on critical thinking skills as examined through conceptual math and written portions. Also, the CTP4 is the only standardized achievement test designed specifically for high-achieving schools and schools wishing to set high standards.

The President's Award for Educational Achievement

In June 2014 three of our students had received The President's Award for Educational Achievement, the purpose of which is to recognize students that show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment to or intellectual development in their academic subjects. It is meant to encourage and reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school, often in the face of special obstacles to learning.

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